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Hello there my fellow visitor. You are on my personal page.

Who the hell are you?

— you will ask... Well, I am...

PHP/C#/Java Developer

I work as PHP developer in software development company and working on internal commercial web application. I really love my job.

C# and Java are my hobby. I made few applications and plugins for TShock Terraria API.

GitHub name: Inurosen

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Game player

I love playing games. I grew up playing different games on NES and SEGA. And now I still play many of them. Really love it.

Favourite NES title: Castlevania
Favourite SEGA title: Sonic the hedgehog / Rock'N'Roll Racing
Favourite PC title: Dark Souls / Minecraft

Steam name: Inurosen

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awesome guy

Awesome guy

Yes, I am awesome. And I'm russian. That gives me +100 points of awesomeness.

Real name: Renat